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July 2, 2017 2.8k views

we dont need to use the account for now. If we deactivate our account, but do not purge it, does it mean we can retrieve later if we reactivate ?

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Hi @number1jewelryshop

If you have removed all droplets, volumes, snapshots, etc - then you won't get charged for anything anymore and you can just leave the account.

I actually have no idea what "Deactivate Account" will actually do, since the name makes no sense.

Let's see if we can get help from DigitalOcean staff:
@jtittle What does the "Deactivate Account" function actually do? Not something I'm just gonna try clicking on ;-)

@number1jewelryshop @hansen

If you click on the Deactivate Account button, if not already removed, Droplets, Backups, Snapshots, Volumes, etc would be removed from the account once you click Deactivate Now (so it's a two-step process to prevent accidental deletion).

The reason for this is because each of the services are billable and you would continue to be billed for them if the remained. We also wouldn't be able to fully deactivate the account if they remained :).


You are given the option to not purge account data -- name, address, company info, CC, PayPal, etc. long as you choose no to the following question:

Would you like to purge all account data when you deactivate?

As long as you choose no to the above, you will be able to reactivate the account at a time of your choosing and shouldn't need to go through any verification that you may have already went through.


If you choose yes to the above question, the account will be fully purged and can not be reactivated.

You'd need to setup a new account and go through the steps required to activate it as normal :-).


Let me know if that helps :-). If you have any specific questions, please let me know!

  • Excellent ! Now it is perfectly clear !

  • So if I deactivate my account, and purge my info, can I register with the same email I used with the deactivated account?

    • @Gbr22

      As long as you select yes to fully purge the existing account, yes, that'll allow you to use the same e-mail to set up a new account with the same e-mail.

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