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I’ve already deleted my account from Digital Ocean with a $5 credit in it. I kept on sending emails to the “support” team but they chose not to respond. It’s my first time using this platform but they locked me up on my account on “verification”.

I really look up on using the service as fast as possible as I’ll use it to build my portfolio but disappointment is what I’ve got.

All I’m asking is for a refund of the $5 credit I’ve added to my account because I’m planning to move hosting elsewhere and getting a response from support is impossible. I’ve created tickets but they kept on sending response that wouldn’t really help customers.

You have one job..

  • Hi Digital Teams,

    I have a problem with my account it has been directly locked after I done a transaction. I have received a link from a friend which give me a possiblity to get access for 60 days.

    So I would like to know why my account has been blocked.

  • Hi @khalyniang77, I am also having the same problem. I created the account through a friend’s link and when I completed the payment ($ 5 via PayPal) I was directed to Admin Locked. I opened a ticket, but I still haven’t been answered.

    Has your problem been solved?

  • Hi, I am also having the same problem. I created the account through a friend’s link and when I completed the payment ($ 5 via mastercard) I was directed to Admin Locked. I opened a ticket, but I still haven’t been answered

  • pleas refund my money ill create account and paid, why my account is locked! the mobey is important to me, ill paid it why is locked

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I am also confused - I deactivated my account in the middle of Aug-19 with a balance of $52 to pay, but instead of getting a final invoice for that amount, I have been charged for the whole month. Now I’m not certain that my account is closed! But I no longer need this service and wish to close my account as soon as possible. I would also like a refund for the period during which I wasn’t using the service (end of Aug and early Sep). Can you help?

Hey friend!

I know that this can appear unfriendly and for that I do apologize. We’re constantly working to improve this process. With that said, I did review what happened and I see that you are now an active customer. As our customer, I want to let you know that there are a lot of people out there who want to use our platform in abusive ways, ways that would damage the service that you pay for (and make it not worth paying for).

As our customer, protecting the service you pay for is the top priority. For this reason, we collect data surrounding these abusive trends and use that to flag some new accounts for review. Being flagged for review does not mean that you intend to cause problems on our service, merely that there was a close enough data correlation discovered by a smart automated system that we wanted to review the account prior to activating it. As painful as it is to make the door difficult to walk through sometimes, it is even more painful hearing long time customers tell us that we failed to protect them from these trends. It is for them, and for you, that we do this.

Your feedback is appreciated, we will continue to refine this process.


Please refund my $5 as well and drop my membership, I find aws and Azure much more better equipped with support than this platform. Today first time I signup and I didn’t find any said $100 credit. I opened the ticket and Indian girl responded once. After that nobody seems to response to my request to see deactivate my account and provide refund. I have lost my trust on this platform. I made an expensive mistake by choosing digital ocean now all I am asking is to provide refund but Nobody is responding to my request.

Today i just added $25 to my account and once i paid i was suddenly deactivated. I wonder what kind of intelligent system you designed that is false flagging things including new customers. This will chase people away. Please activate my account for me because this the first time am using your service and am greeted with a block…

This is very bad and not the best type to grow a business. I wish you people will make amendments.

Please activate my account for me.. I need it now. Thanks.

I have the same issue. After verifying payment the account locked suddenly what should I do to be whitelisted?

Digital Ocean eat your money and you never get your money
my account has been locked and never get money back
very lmao
Support teamm su*k never reply my open ticket

i have same problem..after creating account paid..account locked..i want my refund