Deactivating my account is forbidden?

March 11, 2019 296 views

i cannot deactivate my account. whenever i try it gives a vague error just stating forbidden, i have removed everything, and i mean everything that is billable. i have no use for the digital ocean droplets anymore so i have deleted them. i would like to delete my account to remove my card so no further charges are made.

Thanks in advance

1 Answer

Hey there! Sorry about the issues you're seeing! Oftentimes when this happens, it's due to a team account still sticking around. If you have a team account attached to your account, you'll need to be sure that you remove any billable services on the team, and then deactivate the team account from the Team Profile. Once the team is deactivated, you can deactivate the remaining personal account normally.

Hopefully that helps!

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