Defaultsite page is showing After Hosting

Posted July 19, 2016 7.5k views

Hi All,

I have hosting in digital ocean and domain in 1& Yesterday, I tried to setup server, created my droplet, pointed Digitalocean DNS under my domain in 1& & installed wordpress application.

Near to 1 day it took for pointing. When I accessed my domain using my friends laptop the website was perfect with wordpres application it showed. And also, I check my website on mobile device it is opening perfectly. But when I accessed my domain using my IP which I used to setup all configuration it showed default page like

Why does it happen? Is there any solution for this?


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nginx & Ubuntu 14.04.4 x64

The issue has been solved. I didn’t do anything it got resolved automatically. Still, wondering what might be the reason for this.

  • It’s either your browser cache or a reload/restart of nginx.

    • @gndo You are correct it was due to sever restart. Again, the same problem is coming after sever restart of 15 mins. I will try to do as you mentioned below.

      I am a non techie guy. I don’t know how far I can use Digitalocean, seems to be some server knowledge required to use Digitalocean.

@prabhu82 - Look for the server block in files /etc/nginx/sites-enabled defined as the default_server and display a redacted version here. If you don’t have a default_server defined, then pick the server block you want to make the default and define it. For example, if you have

server {
 # stuff here
 listen 80;
 # redirect or rewrite here

change it to

server {
 # stuff here
 listen 80 default_server;
 # redirect or rewrite here