Define MX and TXT records on DigitalOcean

November 8, 2013 6.4k views
I'm not familiair with MX / TXT and other DNS changes. I want to use mail from my domain account. So, etc etc. How to setup these records so I can receive mail at these mail accounts and what to setup to send to my customer and that my customers will receive my mail not in their SPAM box. Thanks
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In the Control Panel, go to DNS -> Add Domain. After adding the domain, you can also add new records. In this case, choose MX or TXT record and just add it.

If your domain is hosted by another provider, you have to to do it in their control panel somewhere.
Do I have to do it in both control panels , because my domain is hosted somewhere else. I only entered the nameservers of digital ocean there?

Which mx records to use? Which TXT records to use?
"I'm not familiair with MX / TXT and other DNS changes."

Check out How To Set Up a Host Name with DigitalOcean.
This article explains how to manage your DNS records using the DigitalOcean Control Panel and can help you decide if DigitalOcean's DNS management tools are right for your situation.
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