Deleting folders or files in Spaces is very slow sometimes

Posted February 27, 2018 6.5k views
Control Panels

In the control panel of Spaces I am trying to delete folders with 3-4 files but it either spins for a very long time or not deleting them at all. Same happens with files sometimes.

I’ve seen same behavior in S3 panel when I try to delete something (especially with their Buckets, takes forever for just a few hundred GBs). I guess there is some generic problem with object storage facilities but if it is so please at least add some explanation so we can know/understand what to expect or how to use this infrastructure. This is really frustrating, I am trying to migrate from S3 and need to handle a few terabytes but it’s hard to test out how stuff work if I cannot do a simple thing as deleting a folder with 3 files in it.

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Same problem at the moment, doing some testing from localhost on very small and few files, currently taken 10 minutes and still going strong to delete 500mb worth of data shared amongst 37 files.

Literally a full-stop in the testing process until it completes.

Edit: Seems like deleting them one by one is instant, like you expect, it’s the bulk delete that’s taking insanely long.

Wouldn’t stop spinning until I refreshed and it seemed like it had crashed. Since I was working with the API anyways, then I just deleted the folders / files using the API instead, much faster and seems to work flawlessly.

DigitalOcean really has moved away from the innovative part to the “Who cares, we’re making money anyways” ideology.

Can’t we delete the file in digital ocean spaces? if I can’t delete the file like DropBox, we will go with DropBox. I was trying to delete the file and folder it is taking forever to delete the file or folder.

Yesterday I deleted about 350 files today some of them reappeared.

Experiencing similar issues recursively deleting files and directories in a newly created space.

I have the same issue now. I created a new space with just 4 files (under 10MB in total) and deleting them just spin forever. Something is seriously very wrong if such a simple operation takes this long. I’m glad there is a free trial period because it appears so far that DO spaces are quite unreliable!

same behaviour seen here
web UI, batch file delete hangs / doesn’t complete

actually it’s not just deleting files,
same issue now changing permissions
batch modify in general seems to be pretty broken

I’m having the same issue.

Same issue here with multiple delete files.

Same Issue, deleting a folder (even an empty one) or more than 1 file takes minutes…

Just started a deletion of 850k objects… it won’t let me delete the bucket until I do this. I’m only able to delete about 3 per second, no matter how many request threads I run in parallel. This deletion problem is serious. Napkin math estimates figure it’s going to cost me a few hundred bucks.

And yes, until today the problem still not fixed, what is wrong with them ?
Took me 3 second per file to delete in bulk, there is thousands of files, make a calculate, very very very long time to wait, and so I refresh to hope it stop so I’ll find another way, but after I refreshed, it didn’t stop, it just keep deleting, 3 sec per file, that is so shit, there is no stop button, i’m stuck with this, and i’m sick with this

Seems crazy that after more than a year no one from DO has commented on this thread.

Hey Folks,

I’m sorry we didn’t comment on this earlier. We are aware of the performance issues surrounding deleting objects from Spaces. This particularly impacts bulk deletes on Spaces with a lot of objects.

To that end, we’ve been working to improve the bulk-deletion process. We’re currently working on some documentation on how to best take advantage of asynchronous deletes, which we implemented a few months ago in September.

We’ve also improved lifecycle policies – allowing them to take effect on more objects, more quickly. This allows users to set rules to delete objects from a Space automatically. On larger Spaces, consisting of millions of objects, there may still be some latency as to when an object is deleted, but we are making incremental improvements to speed up this process.

Still, we understand that deletions are not instant, but we’re working towards providing a better experience.

Customer Success Engineer

  • Looking to find out if that new documentation was completed for the recommended way to bulk delete files via the API?

  • I don’t see any documentation related to asynchronous deletes - can you point us in the right direction?

  • started using DO only a few days ago, but this is just amazing.
    no wonder that I keep stumbling across “top 5 alternatives for digitalocean!” articles.

    2.5 years later - no documentation on a known issue to be found.

    alternatives it is…

  • I am trying to delete the contents of a bucket (43 GB), and seems that it is an impossible task to achieve today. Process is SO slow that I won’t be able to achieve it today. Unacceptable!

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