Deploy droplet with custom RAM/CPU/space/bandwidth

Posted July 8, 2015 7.1k views

Hi, I’d need a VPS with at least 2GB of RAM but I don’t really need much disk space, CPUs or bandwidth. Can I only create machines with the custom presets, without possibly customizing them? An ideal setup for me would be 2/4 GB RAM, maybe two cores would be nice (but I’m quite sure just one would be enough) but as little as 10GB of disk space and I don’t really need more than 100GB (and I’m exaggerating anyway) of bandwidth
EDIT: So, I’ve just noticed that we’re allowed to “flexibly resize” droplets; which means we pay the same amount we’d pay for a higher tier VPS without getting the size upgrade (I do understand it can be very useful and I am going to do it right now, but it still feels… weird, and it’s also a bit of a waste - I’ll get 3TB of bandwidth, and I am not even going to use 5% of it!)

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Flexible resizing is intended to provide a method to scale the RAM and CPU of a droplet as needed for times of high load. We don’t currently support custom droplet configurations however. While you can get a droplet with more RAM and CPU cores by using flexible resizing if you are not doing so on a temporary basis it is recommended to use a permanent resize which will also scale your disk image and partition to provide the additional space included in the plan.

  • So I can flexibly resize it as much as I want (even 4/6 times a day) without consequences?

  • If you needed to, yes. The flexible resize does not make any changes to your disk image so there is no risk of any filesystem corruption. It is no more dangerous than performing a reboot.

Good to know! Thanks!