Deploy Snapshot - Important Files overwritten

May 12, 2014 2.6k views
Is there some sort of documentation that details what files are replaced when deploying a snapshot? Mainly I have configured debian with all the stuff that I find important to include security measures. For example, I configured it so the root account was disabled and made changes to /etc/hosts. However, after I took a snapshot, deployed the image with a new droplet, both were changed. Root was able to login with the password generated by DO and /etc/hosts now is back to the original as well disregarding all my changes. So, what exactly is modified by DO when using an image?
2 Answers
Those are the two key things that are modified when a snapshot is deployed. It's necessary to ensure that users can access their droplets. /etc/hosts is changed to reflect the hostname given the droplet. Another thing that is changed is /root/.ssh/authorized_keys since it reflects the keys added in the control panel.
I completely understand the reasons behind modifying hosts. Mainly wondering what files are modified.
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