Deploying a Meteor.JS app to digital ocean servers.

June 6, 2014 19.5k views
Hi! I am relatively new to server side development. But I am very interested in learning how to deploy my meteor.js app to my digital ocean account. I am wondering if it would be possible to develop a step-by-step tutorial to guide me through this process? Thanks!
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Getting set up with Meteor.JS is simple, just run:

curl | sh
meteor create ~/my_cool_app
cd ~/my_cool_app

Now the bare bones app is running at http://your.ip.address:3000

There are a number of ways to deploy a Meteor app you developed locally. Check out:

If you create a bundle of your app with:

meteor bundle myapp.tgz

You can copy that to a DigitalOcean droplet and extract it there. You'll need need node.js and MongoDB installed. You can then extract and run it with:

PORT=3000 MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/myapp node bundle/main.js

To install node.js see:

To install MongoDB, see:

Let us know how it goes!
by Etel Sverdlov
MongoDB is a document database used commonly in modern web applications. This tutorial should help you setup a virtual private server to use as a dedicated MongoDB server for a production application environment. This tutorial is written for Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Are all these commands on the server? Or on a mac? Is there a guide for windows users? Or a guide for cloud9? Or if all of your app is on github?

Use Meteor Up[0]. It it used by many developers to deploy their Meteor app specially on DO.

[0] -

You might also need this command (if you are having a problem running meteorite). Also, remember that you don’t need node or npm, just run the command that Andrew gives above (curl | sh) and meteor brings in node and npm.

export PATH=~/.meteor/tools/latest/bin:$PATH

Here is a tutorial on this subject.

This article says there are issues with Ubuntu 14, but I haven’t had any trouble so I’m not sure what he is talking about.

The above article does not work with current DO Ubuntu 14.04/Nodejs setups.

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