Deploying a Minimal API using plumber on DigitalOcean

Posted December 17, 2018 3.6k views

I try to deploying a minimal API using plumber on DigitalOcean

I followed the all instruction steps thoroughly
After command id <- do_provision() I have an error (Error: Region is not available), here is the log

Provisioning a new server for which you will get a bill from DigitalOcean.
Waiting for authentication in browser…
Press Esc/Ctrl + C to abort
Authentication complete.
Using default ssh keys:
Error: Region is not available
In addition: Warning message:
You have not specified any ssh_keys. This is NOT recommended. (You will receive an email with the root password in a few minutes

Why is my region is not available?

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  • I have made the all of previous steps. The command doprovision() should make droplet, but it returns the Error. Also I tried to use doprovision(unstable = TRUE) and do_provision(unstable = TRUE, example = TRUE). But I get the same error “Region is not available”.

    My region right now is Singapore

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Hey friend,

I’m not an expert on this software, but I did some digging and I found a tip on how to expose debugging data from here:

It seems that running “traceback()” can gather more information. Could you do that and let us know a bit more about the variables behind this attempt to create a droplet?


Thank you, Jarland!

I managed to go a little further. I needed to provide region as an argument. But I still could not deploy Plumber. Here is the log and traceback:

plumber::doprovision(region = ‘sgp1’)
Provisioning a new server for which you will get a bill from DigitalOcean.
Using default ssh keys: Caelestis, hppc
NB: This costs $0.00744 / hour until you droplet
delete() it
Waiting for create ……………
New server fingerprint: a6:28:21:ec:bf:2c:7f:3e:77:de:da:84:d5:88:5e:70:e9:82:41:4f
2 C:\Users\CAELES~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rtmp67l0BA\file804066ec378e/cWMJuYpixl
Error in file(con, “wb”) : cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning message:
In file(con, “wb”) :
cannot open file 'C:\Users\CAELES~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rtmp67l0BA\file804066ec378e/cWMJuYpixl’: No such file or directory

9: file(con, “wb”)
8: writeBin(data, target)
7: (function (data, filepath)
target <-, as.list(c(to, filepath)))
if (verbose)
cat(sprintf(“%10d %s\n”, length(data), target))
if (is.null(data))
return(dir.create(target, recursive = TRUE, showWarnings = FALSE))
writeBin(data, target)
})(as.raw(c(0x30, 0x0a)), “cWMJuYpixl”)
6: ssh::scpdownload(session = session, files = remote, to = local,
verbose = TRUE)
5: cat(ssh::scp
download(session = session, files = remote, to = local,
verbose = TRUE), sep = “\n”)
4: doscp(droplet, local, remote, user, scp = “download”, keyfile,
passwd, verbose = verbose)
3: analogsea::dropletdownload(droplet, paste0(“/tmp/”, randName),
2: droplet
capture(droplet, “swapon | grep "/swapfile" | wc -l”)
1: plumber::do_provision(region = “sgp1”)