Details of the Magento One-Click Application

October 28, 2016 1.7k views
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I'm quite interested in trying to set up magento with the One-Click Application. However, I'd like to know a few details about that application before doing so such as

  • has any performance optimisation been done (e.g. installing varnished, optimising mysql for the server etc.)?
  • Is this really still on 2.0.7 which is already about half a year old?
  • Has anyone had experience in updateing those applications? How does it work, as opposed to updating a magento install you have installed yourself?

Is there some documentation with the specific server and software configuration somewhere? Thanks!

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so far i know, mostly all DO one-click application comes without any custom optimization. it installs the basic and you need to optimize as per your need.

there are plenty of optimization tips on tutorial section

How To Optimize Apache Web Server Performance

How To Optimize Queries and Tables in MySQL and MariaDB on a VPS

magento one-click comes with apache & ubuntu 14.04 but if you want my opinion i would suggest you to build with Nginx. nginx alone would give you much better performance over apache. also if you choose ubuntu 16.04 you would get php7 & mysql 5.7. both are proven to be much faster then older versions as well.

its not recommended to use one click appliciation for production use. its mainly available for development and test purpose only.

by Justin Ellingwood
MySQL and MariaDB are popular database management systems that can be used in conjunction with an application or a website. While the querying syntax is easy to learn and very powerful, some operations take a long time. This article will discuss some steps you can take to optimize your queries and table structure.
  • Thanks for the feedback and thoughts. I will keep all of that in mind, and indeed most likely not use the one click installation for production.

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