different Subdomains pointing to same droplet ip with different ports

August 6, 2017 1.7k views
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I am trying have different sub domains resolving to the same IP (same droplet) but with different ports, pointing to single nginx server; which in turn points to apache.

I am trying to set some thing like this .

example.com point to droplet ip with port 80
dev.example.com point to droplet ip with port 8081
info.example.com point to droplet ip with port 8080

and so on.

I have currently set up nginx to listen to port 80 and forward to apache @ port 8080 which works fine.

But I am confused how should go about to do the same for sub domains.

I set up the nginx server soley ofr proxy server as several article point to same, iam not sure this is re right direction I am in.

i did find a similar question https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/subdomains-pointing-to-same-droplet-in-different-ports

but the answer here is not exactly what my question is and also very vague for a beginner like me.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

1 Answer

long story short

I want dev.mydomain.com to redirect to mydomain.com:8080 and I want to preserve the original sub-domain name the url of the browser.

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