Digital Ocean API And Web Hooks?

April 6, 2017 3.2k views
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Digital Ocean API great but I have one problem. I have a program that creates servers on the fly, but at the moment the only way to check if the server fully up. I have to keep pinging it after 60 seconds. It would be really nice if Digital had web hook, I think it would reduce the amount of bandwidth on my side and Digital Ocean. Dose anyone have an ideas how I could better check for a new server to be fully setup? Also do you think Digital Ocean would ever add web hooks?

1 Answer

You could use the metadata to send something like


export HOSTNAME=$(curl -s
export PUBLIC_IPV4=$(curl -s
curl -s http://mydomain.tld/my-webhook-path?host=$HOSTNAME&ip=$PUBLIC_IPV4

by Mitchell Anicas
Update CloudInit link and conclusion Metadata is a service provided to DigitalOcean droplets that allows a droplet to access data about itself, i.e. its metadata. Examples of available droplet metadata include user-provided user data, droplet ID, data center region,...
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