Digital Ocean, can you stop Brute Force our IPs?

March 3, 2018 1.1k views
Security CentOS

Our whole /19 IPs are getting brute force attack from Digital Ocean IPs every single day. the worst thing is that those kids know you guys don't care much.

What a good deal? you get US IP that is hackable anywhere in the USA.

Abuse reporting does not help.

Are you guys brainless to let those happen in the USA? Seriously I don't know if you guys are full of UK in NY office so don't bother to break the environment of other nation.

You guys are the most prominent backdoor in the state.

2 Answers

What is your question for the DigitalOcean community?

  • how to mangle output route to stop brute force so digital ocean staff applies to their droplet made for kids?

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