Digital Ocean Engineers, do you not know how damaging the UCEPROTECTL3 issue is for your business

Posted June 28, 2021 983 views
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Seriously, do you managers and engineers not know how bad things are regarding all your IP’s being blocked on UCEPROTECTL3. I mean seriously. Just read these:

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  • Telling your clients to use another provider? No, we are paying to use YOUR service! I’ve worked in web hosting for decades. It’s not that hard to clean up your act. I know because I’ve worked for hosting companies that did it. You only need a handful of very knowledgeable email abuse specialists to clean house. SMTP outbound is a privilege, so remove that privilege from the offenders. You should be the example of how to do things right, not the laughing stock of yet another company that has no clue how to operate. If entire ASNs of millions of IPs can keep a clean network, you can, too.

    We operate our businesses on your platform. We rely on you. Don’t continue to let us down. Fix it. The ability to run a VM that can be our reliable web and email server for our livelihood is an expectation.

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Hello @RBee ,

Thanks for posting about this issue! Yes, the team is aware of it and we have our Engineering team are working on the future solutions.

Looking forward to serve!

Sri Charan

  • Please do something about it as its a huge issue. Even after payign to have the IP removed from UCEPROTECTL3 email services like gmail and yahoo still treat our mail badly. There really is little confidence left in using your servers for important clients now. AWS is looking like a real option now unfortunately.

    • Hi @RBee. We are sorry for the issue. For several reasons our platform isn’t working well for email and we are working to improve it, but it isn’t easy or quick.

      My suggestion is for you to use a dedicated email platform for the email sending, something like SendGrid, who provides a free tier for low volumes and larger volumes at a reasonable price. All they do is email sending, so their deliverability is really good. We have a few tutorials about how to use them on our community.

      To be clear, this is the best route no matter which cloud provider you choose. Just to cite the one you mentioned, AWS, they block SMTP on their platform and you will need to use a 3rd party or their own dedicated email service, so your situation won’t be very different.

      I can assure you we are working to improve our documentation and email experience as we speak. Unfortunately the existence of spammers spoil the experience of email for everyone else and all cloud providers need to adapt to their existence and that creates some issues for legit users. I hope you will understand.

      Best regards
      Rafael - Lead Product Manager, Network

      • Thanks for the feedback.

      • Hi Rafael,

        @rrosa, we are just getting rejected by marketing partners because they don’t want to work with a ‘Hi-risk IP’ partner. This is seriously damaging our bottom line as a marketing agency.

        The reply from your colleagues was that we should either use a different email provider or to try to discuss with the partners/clients.

        But it does not work like that. Our clients work and trust us based on automatic scans of our website and various online DB’s like Uceprotect3. We don’t have a channel to communicate and try to convince them. It’s either pass or fail. And for now, we are failing.

        This issue was raised in June. Now is September. How many clients did you lose because of this? Do you know what was the impact on your reputation and NPS? How many clients and future clients are you willing to lose based on this simple thing?

        We don’t really have a choice here, sorry.

        Please update with any news.

        Many Thanks,

Can’t u make it possible to have seperated droplets that block mail and live in seperate ip ranges so they wont be in the blacklist? i’ve seen firewalls block based on these and thus required us to look at a different service provider.