Digital Ocean + Forge = WordPress not sending contact forms (504 Gateway Timeout)

October 18, 2017 1.1k views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

I can’t seem to figure it out and this may be beyond my expertise but every site I have set up through Forge ( and Digital Ocean using WordPress is having issues with submitting forms. I thought it was themes or plugins but I have since narrowed it down to server(s). Looking in the console I see that admin-ajax.php never connects and returns a 504 timeout error; I don’t know much about server configurations but I can’t find much online about it that seems to help. The forms do eventually send the emails on some sites but you cant tell from the front end of the site because it just keeps spinning and never looks like it submits. Anyone know what I can do to check for solutions?

I have tried restarting the server, nginx, etc.

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