Digital Ocean + Meteor: Mup Deploy Not Working

October 8, 2015 3.4k views
DigitalOcean Node.js

I am currently receiving a lot of traffic, and I had to upgrade to a larger server on digital ocean. This was the second time I did this today, the first time was fine. But now the site reverted to an old version of the site.

Mup deploy doesn’t work. Mup stop doesn’t stop the site so it means that the site is connected to another process.

mup logs -f gives me this:

Error: listen EADDRINUSE
at errnoException (net.js:905:11)
at Server.listen2 (net.js:1043:14)
at listen (net.js:1065:10)
at net.js:1147:9
at dns.js:72:18
at process.
tickDomainCallback (node.js:492:13)
[] error: Forever detected script exited with code: 7

Does anyone know how to find other versions that could be running on the server? I am trying to kill the process but I can’t find anything that make sense. Here are the open ports:

netstat -ntlp | grep LISTEN
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1271/mysqld
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1140/sshd
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 5552/stud
tcp6 0 0 :::22 :::* LISTEN 1140/sshd
I’ve manually killed port 80 and the site is still going, I can’t stop this old version. Anybody ever run into something like this?

1 Answer

Could be the memory
to add swaps
I had it on $5, didn’t happen on $10 for my simple app

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