Digital Ocean rejecting SpamCop reports

September 9, 2014 2.1k views

In the time that I’ve been hosting projects at Digital Ocean, I can truly say I’ve been more than happy. Performance and functionality is great. However one small problem that is becoming major.

Digital Ocean is rejecting SpamCop reports. I’ve lodged a ticket to this effect a bit back, I was asked info, I provided it and it would have been resolved. Now the users of projects that I’m host are requesting I move as they are starting to see Digital Ocean as not being serious about spam. See

Bad things will happen, but if reports are not received about bad things, we may soon all be in a bad neighborhood without without the abuse team being aware of it. What follows next is RBLs and like.

Could the abuse team please make a plan to resolve issues linked to spamming and reports about it from SpamCop?

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Actually, your response is not helpful domains266064. But you probably left tracking links in …

However, this post is about abuse@ not working as it should which affects all legitimate users. So please do not cloud issues.

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