Digital Ocean Spaces billing question

August 14, 2019 198 views

I have one space i pay $5/month for 250gb and 1 TB transfer. If i wanted more gb, would I be paying $0.02 per gb per month or is $0.02 per gb a one time payment

1 Answer

Just like 5 USD per month, the extra charges for resource usage are charged monthly. You can review the details for Spaces within the dashboard for Spaces under your project—that can help you review the overall prices for the service you create.

Here is an excerpt,

Spaces $5 plan

  • Up to 250GB of data storage
  • Up to 1TB of outbound data transfer
  • No charge for inbound data transfer

Monthly Overages Fees:

  • Data Storage: $0.02 per GB
  • Outbound Data Transfer: $0.01 per GB
  • Inbound Data Transfer: Always free

I hope that helps.

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