Digital ocean supports customers poor, unclear and very slow. ticket 510.564

Posted August 16, 2017 3k views

3 days before. Digital Ocean send ticket “We have received a Credit Card dispute for a charge in the amount of $46.61”

I don’t know why my credit card has dispute. I still keep it in my purse. 20 days before, when old credits card is expired. I canceled the card at the bank. Then I used a new card of the new accountant and added the card to the payment.

When I found out about the dispute, I sent an image of both an old card (both front and back - this card has expired) and my new card (front). But 3 days ago Digital still did not answer me.

Because of the annoyance that the vps is locked, the website is down, and the data stays on vps. My company can not move, employees do not have a job, I was affected a lot. So I submitted many more tickets. But, ridiculously, the other requirements tell me to answer the ticket number 510.564. While I answered 10 times ticket 510,564 Digital Ocean did not answer it.

Please save me, save my company. I live in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The two bank cards I use are of the same bank SACOMBANK. I asked the bank when the bank said there was no dispute with my credit card.

So I do not understand what Digital wants at my side anymore.

Suppose I say another account fraudulent card, that account will probably locked VPS immediately.

The funny thing is that DIgital Ocean says answer the ticket & the vps is still working normally. But the fact that the vps was locked did not let me get the data anymore.

If you read the content please, hope you have a conscience, save my company.

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  • You think when all the data, the website of the company is completely gone and can not be helped by the company also provides hosting services. That was terrible. Yet Digital Ocean is really irresponsible to customers.

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Replying more and more to tickets without reply will just keep extending the delay. This fraudulent check can take a while, digitalocean have no reason to give you access till they’ve done a full review. They don’t just get reports for no reason about chargebacks. Something must be going on for them to receive a report about your transaction.

  • The problem is in the process of contacting the bank for verification. Digital Ocean has locked all my VPS.

    Digital Ocean notification when I login to the account that the whole vps is still active. But the truth is they are turned off.

    I see you lied to me.

    • It’s active on your account but not turned on. They are being truthful there, nothing wrong with that.
      You could contact them to turn it on for the while being but since it was a relatively large chargeback report they have every right not to turn it back on for the while being.
      The reports digitalocean get for chargebacks don’t just happen for no reason which means they will need to investigate what has happened.

      • Recently I changed my credit card for payment. Please tell me whether this dispute occurred with the last four digits of 2488 or with the last four digits of 9901. I am completely ignorant of this dispute, and you are not explicitly What card conflicts occurred.

        Let me know so that I can work with the bank.

        The both credits card is same bank: SACOMBANK. Credit card 2488 is cancelled.

        • I’m not an employee, I have a sneaky suspicion that its the cancelled one.
          How long was it you paid digitalocean before you cancelled the card?

When I added 2 credits cards to payment.

It is not clear what credit card breach occurred. Is Digital Ocean support unclear and not accountable to the customer?

  • Digitalocean uses Skrill to process payments, I wouldn’t be surprised if digitalocean have to contact them first to find out what card its from which would mean the long investgation time.

This is what I would to say now.

I sent a ticket that get team’s help to open SMTP connection. My account has used for 8 months. It is impacting to my business. But the support team does not care about their customer’s issues.

Too disappointed!