DigitalOcean apps platform: NodeJS app getting restarted without process crash

Posted August 19, 2021 362 views
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I’d like to know what could be possible reasons when the Apps platform could restart a running app without the server even crashing?

I’m on the base $5/mo container. The CPU and memory stay well within checks. Check Insights screenshot from last 7 days for reference.

I’m connecting to external redis servers to do some continuous queue based processing, and the restarts disrupts the service without any intimation or reason.

Happy to share any further details if it helps in debugging.

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Did you get any answer from DigitalOcean team?
I am having the exact same issue where the server restarts while processing some data without any crash report of any kind.
CPU and memory look fine (less than 40%).

This is really a problem for us as we are planning to use this app in production in about 2 weeks, and we can’t have random restarts…

  • Avoid using DO apps - the platform isn’t ready for mainstream usage. There are several issues -

    1. very high and non-deterministic build times (anywhere between 10-90mins for a basic NodeJS app)
    2. random restarts
    3. No feature of preview branches
    4. Changing branches in app settings deploys last known commit id of the branch instead of fetching the latest commit
    5. All requests fall to deaf ears and there’s barely any movement on any of these problems.

    I’ve moved to and would recommend you do that too.

    • Thanks for your feedback!
      Yeah, I am starting to realize that the App product is really not ready to be used anywhere near a production environment…
      I guess I’ll have to go back to GCE and write my CI script myself…
      I hate it when I have to change my infrastructure so close of the release date. I just hoped there was some huge sign above “App” menu saying “Used at your own risks” or even “beta” instead of “new”.