digitalocean spaces cdn with subdomain shows access denied when access file with subdomain

Posted March 17, 2020 2.5k views
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i have setup a cdn for spaces with custom domain. when i try to access the file with custom subdomain it shows access denied. but when i use the spaces main url i can acess it. but not working with cdn subdomain

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Hi there @lilboat,

What is the exact error that you get in your web console?

Have you tried following the steps from this video here on how to set that up:


  • Hi Bobby,

    I’m having exactly the same problem. I followed the steps from the YouTube video above with the exception that:

    • I first created my spaces without a CDN subdomain (a couple of days ago)
    • today I added a subdomain

    -> Then I created an object using NodeJS which is present and downloadable as test_0.txt.

    -> Then I made this file public.

    What happens:

    • When I access this file through its “Origin” URL I can simply download it in a browser.
    • When I access this file through its “Edge” URL then I get 403 Forbidden.
    • When I access this file through its “CDN” URL then I also get 403 Forbidden.

    Any idea what can be wrong?

    • I have an update to my previous comment: it seems that it was a cache issue.

      If I try to access a resource via CDN but get access denied, then make it public and try to access it again, I still get access denied. But after waiting >1 hour the CDN link started to work again.

      When I do it the opposite way: first make a resource public and then try to access it via CDN, it seems that it works immediately.


      Therefore it seems like a cache issue to me - maybe intentional since the CDN cache life time is 1 hour.

      • Hi there,

        Are you still seeing the problem or was it just caching?


        • @bobbyiliev

          Yes, I’m almost sure it’s a logical side effect of CDN.

          1) If I first set permissions to Public then I can access the file from the public CDN immedaitely.

          2) If I fist access the file through (CDN), get access denied, then set permissions to Public then I keep getting Access Denied (for some time). However, if I modify the URL slightly (e.g. if I add ?x=1) after the URL then it starts working immediately. I would correspond with my theory of caching on CDN.