Digitalocean Spaces Hotlink

November 29, 2018 481 views

How is it possible to activate the hotlink for the images or videos? I’m using digital ocean space

  • Can you provide more details on what you mean by hotlink?

    There’s a quickshare link feature in spaces that can be used from the UI by clicking the MORE dropdown.

  • I am using a translator, I will try to explain myself to the best of my ability.

    I have a video and image site, which files are uploaded and stored to DO Space …
    there are people who steal those videos and images and share them in another site’s,

    what I want is that those videos and images can only be viewed on my site
    its possible?

1 Answer

I had to go refresh my internet lingo, if by hotlink you mean that you would like to embed an image or video file from spaces from within your own site (for example you will need to update CORS policies, and you should also enable CDN for SPEED!

  1. Set CORS policies to allow embedding of content from your domain. - you will want to add your exact domain including subdomain and HTTP/HTTPS and check the GET box

  2. Enable CDN - _and make sure you are using the CDN URLs for your images and video, not the regular ones.

  • this not work for what I need

  • the allowed methods which do you recommend me to check? (GET, PUT, DELETE, POST, HEAD) and access control max age how many seconds do I put them?

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