Disable root access with Serverpilot?

March 13, 2016 3.2k views
Security Ubuntu

I would like to know if I need disable root access after I have connected Serverpilot to my server and/or if I need to do other things to add security for root.

Thank you

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Hi, disabling root SSH access won’t cause any problems for ServerPilot. The only time ServerPilot SSH’s into your server is when you initially connect your new server to ServerPilot.

  • Thank you! Only the last thing: I have to install Fail2ban? Or I can not install it? Server is safe also without Fail2ban?

    I use strong passwords (16 characters with also % # etc), private/public key for SSH and I don’t allow authentication by password. Fail2ban only blocks hackers to try all passwords for login as root?

    Thank you very much

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