Disable SSL certificate for Roundcube/iRedmail

October 13, 2013 11.9k views
Since I haven't got a paid SSL certificate that is signed and verified, whenever I try to access my email I get an annoying error. I do not want to see this, and I am aware that not having an SSL certificate is less secure, but please can you tell me exactly how to disable it
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Have you tried:
Might be worth installing a free certificate instead of disabling SSL?
StartSSL is definitely a great option. Or, why not create your own certificate and simply import it into your browser?
I have tried using StartSSL, but its hard to use it. I have no experience in SSL certificates, so I just want to disable it altogether. I know about the less security it has, but I will be the only one using email, and on my own network.
See http://www.iredmail.org/wiki/index.php?title=IRedMail/FAQ/Allow.Insecure.POP3.IMAP.Connection.without.STARTTLS

It's really better to at least use your own self-signed cert instead of leaving all connections un-encrypted, in plaintext.
But, say I set up an email account for someone, and they visit the site - they might not trust it? Because the page is all red, and the browser will tell them its not recommended?
In this case they can just import your cert (Firefox does that automatically when you skip the SSL "error" page).

Even if you're using a self-signed certificate, the connection is still secure and encrypted.
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