Disable Virtualhosts with mpm_itk enabled

March 14, 2016 2k views

So, I've enabled the mpm module as well mpm_itk so that each virtualhost runs as a different user. This works great, as one can imagine along with the security benefits. The problem, i'm having is this your able to a2ensite virtualhost config files as much as you want. However you cannot disable virtualhost config files because they aren't owned by www-data/apache no longer.

Does anyone know the command to disable virtualhosts with the mpm_itk module enabled? It is not a simple a2disconf.

An example of commands used goes like this

a2disconf nen.com.conf

ERROR: Conf nen.com does not exist!

sudo a2disconf

Your choices are: charset localized-error-pages other-vhosts-access-log phpmyadmin security
Which conf(s) do you want to disable (wildcards ok)?

sudo a2ensite nen.com.conf

Site nen.com already enabled

1 Answer

Did you tryed with:

a2dissite webpage.com
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