Disabled Cloudflare plugin - now my website is not working

April 3, 2017 1.4k views


I've been experiencing some issues with Cloudflare and Autoptimize on my website so I wanted to temporarily disable the Cloudflare plugin in Wordpress. When I did, I immediately got an error saying that the website has too many redirects. Now I can't access the website nor /wp-admin to re-activate the plugin!

I've tried editing wpoptions and activeplugins to no success and also moved /cloudflare to /mu-plugins but nothing seems to help.


2 Answers

Solved it by restoring an older droplet. Thank you for the best spent $2 this year DO!


When you're using CloudFlare + SSL, you need to login to CloudFlare, head to the SSL tab and make one quick change. You need to set SSL to Full (Strict). That'll fix the redirect issue.

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