Discourse installed - add WordPress + SSL?

May 3, 2018 978 views
WordPress Security One-Click Install Apps Ubuntu 16.04

Hi! I installed a one-click image of Discourse on Ubunto 16.04 and got it up and running. Now I want to add a WordPress + SSL encryption to it. I want to have discourse accessible through a subfolder at mydomain.com/forum.

Since I currently have this setup running - what's the easiest way for me to implement these changes?

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The Discourse one-click uses Docker by default and hosts everything including the web service within a docker container.

This will require some customization. The easiest change you can make to implement this setup would be:

  • Change the port that the Discourse web service listens on to something other than port 80.
  • Install a LEMP stack on your droplet
  • Create two server blocks in your new Nginx configuration.
    • One will use PHP-FPM and will point to the directory where WordPress is installed
      • The other will use the reverse_proxy setting in Nginx to forward requests for Discourse by passing them through to the service running on a different local port.
by Justin Ellingwood
The LEMP software stack is a group of software that can be used to serve dynamic web pages and web applications. This is an acronym that describes a Linux operating system, with an Nginx web server. The backend data is stored in the MySQL database and the dynamic processing...

Thanks, that's very helpful! Would I go about it the same way to add a static homepage or is there a simpler way? I'm sorry for the rookie questions, but Google left me with even more questions.

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