Discourse SSL Setup Issues, tried both suggested methods - no luck.

December 13, 2018 654 views
Security Applications Ubuntu 18.04

I have tried both methods of adding SSL to my droplet with no success.

Method 1:

Method 2:
Re execute Discourse Setup via SSH Console.

New Discourse Forum:

Please advise.



  • This feels like spam to me. -_-

  • Looks like you were able to get it working. If you get a chance, share with us what happened so that it might help anyone else in the same situation :)

2 Answers

Thanks for the very Unexpected answer. Because of my low expectations for this community, especially for beginners, I went ahead and had a paid expert fix the problem.

Such an idiot. Why would I so through multiple verifications as a paying customer to post spam on this forum.

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