Discovering all Wi-Fi clients in a building

April 29, 2016 1.6k views
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I am looking for any technique to discover all the laptops and mobiles in a building and then I found that I am able to discover them by taking an advance of the probe request and probe response or beacon frame. So, I want to broadcast periodically a probe request from APs and then all devices in the area will reply with probe response which contains all the information that I need to use them in my application. Moreover, I want to use the infrastructure already exists in building which has more than 15 APs(Cisco and LinkSys) .

My Question:

How to use e.g. SNMP or any other methods from any programming language to establish a connection to each AP router to broadcast probe request and then retrieve the Probe responses?

Is it possible to add Wireless controller to make it easier?

if there are any other methods to do it please help me

I am really optimistic that I will find the solution here

1 Answer

The Q/A section is for DO-related questions ("How do I set up a server/service/etc").

This doesn't fall under that, so I doubt you'll have much luck here.

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