Disk full and then gone again

August 28, 2014 2.7k views

Hi All,

Can someone help me with this. I got a alert from new relic that my disk was full...
Checked and after a while it was normal again.

check screenshot: https://copy.com/TxLU3rWzzeXtoRDn

I don't know what this can be.


3 Answers

The screenshot shows disc IO, not space used. "Space usage" is the graph you should check out, it's down under the graphs in your screenshot on New Relic.

Sorry .. thats what i meant to as but write down full haha

But still i don't know what it can be or in what log in can check this.

This might help find which folders are huge. The following command sorts your entire server by largest folder (1GB and larger).

du -k | sort -n | perl -ne 'if ( /^(\d+)\s+(.*$)/){$l=log($1+.1);$m=int($l/log(1024)); printf ("%6.1f\t%s\t%25s | %s\n",($1/(2**(10*$m))),(("K","M ","G","T","P")[$m]),"*"x (1.5*$l),$2);}'
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