Disk I/O being overloaded

November 21, 2014 10.9k views

I am using Zabbix to monitor my droplet and I am now getting warnings fairly regularly of the Disk I/O being overloaded which, in my Zabbix configuration, is triggered by the cpu.util.iowait metric being over 20%. Is there something I can tune in my droplet to make the I/O more efficient or is this a matter of the load on the host server due to the other droplets hosted there? The droplet is running CentOS.

  • I get absolutely same error

  • Over the last few days I'm seeing this same behaviour on my droplet... could you share how did you solved this?

    The strange thing it's that iotop it's reporting almost zero usage, but NewRelic informs about 20% I/O wait with 100% spikes when doing stuff like updating packages, rsync, etc.

  • Hello All... since April, 1th I´m experiencing the same... High CPU IOWait Time...
    How did you solved? Or any tip?

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