Disk is full error but is not

March 20, 2019 519 views
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Hi everyone,

I am currently using server packege is 1.25TB HDD / 64GB ram / 16Core’s

But in reality using 60GB max HDD / 4or6GB ram / 2or4 Core’s

Server does not open twice a week with field full error. But the server also has more space.

when i checked from the SSH;

df -h

Check inodes df -i

Check swaps sudo swapon –show

command: top

I have one more big problem;

I can’t change the droplet size.

Digitalocean droplet resize screenshot

2 Answers


You may want to reach out to our support team about the resize issue:

As for the other, that is odd. What is the error being displayed about the disk being full? I’m wondering if this is application-specific or if it’s literally rejecting anything as simple as “touch /root/testfile.”

If it is rejecting everything as a full disk, it may be worth running a fsck on the disk. This will show you how to set the recovery ISO:


Then if you were to boot from it and see the recovery menu in the web-based console, you could use option #2 to run the fsck. It might take a bit on that size disk, hard to say.


I don’t understand what’s being said.

I’ve downloaded 60gb right now.

Then I installed the new server. Now I’m doing all my settings again. I know it’s very tiring but I need to produce solutions.

Thanks for your help.

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