Disk Space on Resized Droplet

April 5, 2013 6.7k views
Hi guys! How can i reclaim the extra disk space earned after i resize a droplet? And what happens if i am with a 30GB disk droplet, then resize-it down? Thank you!
4 Answers

i'm asking the same, when you resize up the disk doesn't change

Best way to handle this is to take a snapshot of the droplet, and fire up a new droplet based on that snapshot. From my experience, every time I create a droplet with the same hostname, it always assigns it back the same IP.
I haven't tried sizing up, but sizing down works. If you take a snapshot of your droplet at a larger size, then use that image to create a smaller droplet, it will work.
On my droplet I have disabled rootlogin and password login. I created a snapshot of the instance but I am never able to login to the new droplest created using this snapshot :-(
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