django admin password, couldn't find docs on password since admin is installed by default.

April 23, 2015 5k views
Django One-Click Install Apps Ubuntu

Maybe I have overlook. Help me with the user and password please.

2 Answers

Hi! Have you created a new django app (Writing Your First Django App) after creating the droplet? If so, you can run the following command to migrate the database tables and create a superuser:

cd /home/django/django_project
python syncdb

Check out How To Use the Django One-Click Install Image.

I am getting the error when creating superuser because earlier I updated to django==1.8.
I destroyed the droplet and started another.
I can log in to admin now.
I am following the tutorial on djangoproject site and create a polls app.
However the docs was for version 1.8.
I did pip install Django==1.8, the installation didn't throw any errors so I thought it was ok.
So if I am following the docs on, how do I upgrade to 1.8.

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