DKIM/SPF E-mail Help

February 23, 2019 378 views

First time trying to do e-mail. Been reading about DKIM and SPF but not really understanding it. Is there a clear guide on how to use it? Is this the best option for me?

I’m installing Discourse but my e-mails are not delivering, which means I can’t get it set up.

Thank you for your patience and assistance!

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Hey friend,

You might consider either setting Discourse to use an external SMTP service to send the emails or running a mail server with a preconfigured setup like this:

As far as handling DKIM for you goes, it doesn’t get much easier than that. Email is a headadche these days, any way that you can delegate that work through something like mailcow (or iredmail, etc) can lighten your burden significantly.


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