DNS A Record always changes to my email address

July 17, 2014 1.4k views

Trying to add a domain. So changed the DNS info to point to ns1.digitalocean.com ns2 / ns3

Digital Ocean control panel add domain / the assigned ip address. If I go to the ip address I see the welcome to nGinx so thats fine. But for the last 12 days the domain has not worked yet. I never had to set any DNS records on other VPS i simply pointed the registar DNS to linode.com and within an hour up and running.

Any help in simply english would be great. The docs on A AAAA records are to complicated. Since I never had to do it before on other hosts why am I forced to do it here. Am I supposed to? Optional. Not sure where I am going wrong but my A record is always the email address used to log into DOcean control panel. Delete add A record. Type domain and the ip address , save. Returns to DNS with the email there.

1 Answer

What is your domain name? Have you tried editing the A record using a different browser? It’s possible that there’s an addon/plugin/extension that might be auto-filling the A field with your email address.

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