DNS changed or lost?

April 15, 2019 252 views
DNS Ubuntu 18.04

The website is www.cleanritecarpetsystems.com has been live and operable for about a month.

I went to login today, entered the wrong password for the WordPress dashboard. Tried again, seemed like it was about to let me in, but then just spun and instead the connection timed out.

I am not sure why, or if my attempted logins may have caused this to happen (but who knows) - I don't see any reason why it would have.

Has anyone else had experiences with this? I haven't been able to find much of anything on the internet regarding the issue, and when I dig the site it all seems good?

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It looks like cleanritecarpetsystems.com is instead entered into our DNS panel as www.cleanritecarpetsystems.com. It should instead be cleanritecarpetsystems.com, and the www part should be a subdomain record on the zone for it. I would recommend deleting it and adding it back without the www. Afterward, you may need to wait 1-4 hours before you physically witness the change as having taken impact on your computer due to the way that DNS caching works (commonly referred to as DNS propagation).

The primary reason that this is occurring is that Wordpress has site URL configured as the domain without www, and wp-admin is redirecting from www to the non-www page. Why it only just started I can't say, but it's definitely the case at the moment.



  • Jarland,

    Thank you so much.

    I'm going to give the a try right now!

  • Thank you for your help thus far.

    So I did delete and reentered DNS without the "www". I waited almost a day, still having the issue. Could it maybe be something else that I did wrong?

    • I'm thinking it could be a local issue, just not certain which one exactly. From here it looks perfect, I can access cleanritecarpetsystems.com, www.cleanritecarpetsystems.com, www.cleanritecarpetsystems.com/wp-admin, and cleanritecarpetsystems.com/wp-admin.

      It could be worth trying a different web browser just to rule out some weird caching with your primary one.

      • Jarland, I appreciate your alacrity.

        And cool, you can see it, that makes me feel a least a little better. I'm going to head out and try to access it elsewhere because even when I open it in a private tab, it still isn't there.

        Thank you again.

      • You are absolutely right Jarland, it is a local issue. Thank you so much for your responses, without them I might have visited the depths of insanity. Your an asset :).

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