DNS CNAME quantity restriction?

October 4, 2014 3.8k views

Hi there

Can you tell me if there are any quantity restrictions for DNS Cnames? I want to setup a cname for every Username of my users, (more than 1000 Users!)

Thanks alot ;)

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Okay I asked the support and got the following answer:

*You can use as many CNAMEs as you wish. There is no limit.

Our DNS is a free DNS service, as long as you have droplets with us.*

I recommend adding a wildcard CNAME record instead as it scales better than thousands of records:


This makes everything under yourdomain.com (such as user1.yourdomain.com, user2.yourdomain.com, something.user1.yourdomain.com, etc.) point to the same hostname which is yourdomain.com. in the screenshot.

  • Hey Kamaln

    Thanks for you idea which is cool for many scenarios but doesnt work in my case ;).

    The Cname Mappings look like the following example ;)
    username.mydomain.com -> id1.external.com.

    Anotherusername.mydomain.com -> id2.external.com.

    An automatic wildcard just isnt possible.

  • Thousands of records is a very large amount, so in that case I'd suggest setting up your own nameservers as it would be easier to manage that way or using a paid DNS service such as Amazon Route53, DNSSimple, DNSMadeEasy, etc.. You can use PowerDNS (How To Install PowerDNS on CentOS 6.3 x64 | DigitalOcean) which allows you to store DNS records in a MySQL table so it'd be relatively painless to manage.

  • Thanks again, but Really: why should i? Digitalocean has a really nice api, I dont need own Nameservers. I just asked if there are any quantity limitations...

  • it don't worked to me, I'm trying it about one week, I have two domains in one droplet.

    domain one is like this
    www CNAME @

    and other is this

    • CNAME sitesradio.com.br.

    but is i try *.sitesradio.com.br it doesn't work execpt is is www. so it work in the other domain only work with www.domain,com (it's ok to this case)

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