DNS configuration failed when i'm using digitalocean control-panel

November 1, 2014 2.1k views


My sub domains no longer work.
When I try to get a wildcard CNAME (* @), after saving i get (* mydomain.com.)

I want simply to get something like

@ IN A

  • CNAME @

I don’t no why digitalOcean control-panel ignores my request

i get something like

mydomain.com. 1800 IN A
*.mydomain.com. 1800 IN CNAME mydomain.com.

The result is that all my sub-domain point to mydomain.com

My subdomains work as aliases to the main domain.

This is obviously not what I want!

My droplet is on nyc3. Is there a problem on this data center ?

I deleted and re-created the A and CNAME RECORD

A @
CNAME * @.

But the problem persists!

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* CNAME @ means that anything.domain.com points to domain.com, which is exactly what *.mydomain.com. 1800 IN CNAME mydomain.com. does. Can you describe what you’re trying to accomplish if that’s not what you want?

  • Hello Kamaln7,

    I have previously set up a cname wildcard.

    Everything was working perfectly.

    Then I me see that my sub domains no longer work.

    I have not changed my Apache virtual servers

    Then I check my dns digitalocean console and I see changes in the cname record

    (there are: * resadesiles.com.)
    I want to: * @)

    I decided to delete the cname record and then to recreate (* @)

    But digitalocean console change (* @) towards (* resadesiles.com.)

    the current zone file is

    $ORIGIN resadesiles.com.
    $TTL 1800
    resadesiles.com. IN SOA ns1.digitalocean.com. 1414855902 10800 3600 604800 1800 Hostmaster.resadesiles.com.
    resadesiles.com. 1800 IN NS ns1.digitalocean.com.
    resadesiles.com. 1800 IN A
    *. resadesiles.com. 1800 IN CNAME resadesiles.com.

    the zone file that worked (copy screen backup)

    @TTL 1800
    @ IN A
    * CNAME @

    What I want to accomplish?

    I just want to enable management of subdomains (* @)
    I do not want queries to one-subdomaine.resadesiles.com are redirected to resadesiles.com (as an alias)

    I note that the zone file is not formatted as before:
    -There is no indentation
    -There is no information such as: refresh, retry, expires

    Can someone check my dns file ?

    Thanks for your reply

  • We’ve recently changed how our DNS service works internally, so @ is now replaced with your domain’s FQDN (resadesiles.com.).

    * CNAME resadesiles.com.

    is exactly the same as:

    * CNAME @

    The update is also the reason why you’re not seeing the refresh, retry, and expires values that were in the zone before, but you shouldn’t worry about that.

    Your subdomains are working fine for me:

    ~ » host resadesiles.com                
    resadesiles.com has address
    ~ » host test.resadesiles.com                                                                                         
    test.resadesiles.com is an alias for resadesiles.com.
    resadesiles.com has address
    ~ » host aueijdfgsfhnx.resadesiles.com                
    aueijdfgsfhnx.resadesiles.com is an alias for resadesiles.com.
    resadesiles.com has address

    are you still experiencing issues with that?

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