DNS Configuration for SSL.

March 13, 2014 7.4k views
Hello, I'm trying to set an SSL certificate validation process. Gandi.net ask me to validate the rights to my domain (gentlenode.com) and to enter this in the DNS zone file for the domain: A5408D4FA4C6B1EA15B34B127A4183E5.gentlenode.com. 10800 IN CNAME 81E58BA2FF396C66097BCD6C447392C6F801C4BC.comodoca.com. So I have created a new CNAME record with: name: A5408D4FA4C6B1EA15B34B127A4183E5.gentlenode.com. host: 81E58BA2FF396C66097BCD6C447392C6F801C4BC.comodoca.com. And I can see that the following line has been correctly added to the Zone File: A5408D4FA4C6B1EA15B34B127A4183E5.gentlenode.com. CNAME 81E58BA2FF396C66097BCD6C447392C6F801C4BC.comodoca.com. The problem is that it is not exactly the same than the one provided by Gandi. I do not know how to add the 10800 number after the name. And when I try to append it to the value in the name field, here is the error message I get: Name Only valid hostname characters are allowed. (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, ., _ and -) Or a single record of '@'. So I have two questions: How can I add the 10800 number? And what is its purpose?
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In the DNS Zone page on Gandi you change the view from normal to expert, this mode allows for grater flexibility when editing.
Additionally in your DNS zone file (example):

www 172800 IN CNAME exampleblogname.wordpress.com.

The 172800 represents the TTL, in this case 172800 result means 48 hours.
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