Dns duplicated in digitalocean manager and server? too much dns?

May 20, 2013 3.2k views
hi!, recently i've purchased a droplet and installed virtualmin with small websites. My (mewbie) question is, virtualmin, or ispconfig, or any panel configures "bind dns service" for each website, and I've created too dns records in "dns management" in digitalocean, and some registers let you create A,CNAME records in your registered domains the question is... can I disable bind dns in the server? which is the sense of digitalocean "dns management"? I understand they provide you dns management to liberate your droplet, is this correct? Thanks in advance!
1 Answer
You can disable bind on your droplet and use DigitalOcean's DNS manager for managing your DNS records. You can then ignore the DNS records you set up with virtualmin.
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