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December 2, 2018 331 views
WordPress DNS Ubuntu 18.04


How do I set up domain aliases so 3 domains point to my main domain? So i can move my multi-site WordPress site

I have mymaindomain.co.uk, with myseconddomain.co.uk, mythiddomain.co.uk working in multisite configuration with mymaindomain.co.uk as the main site

When I try to add a cname to mymaindomain.co.uk it apends the mymaindomain.co.uk to the end as if its a subdomain. I.e. myseconddomain.co.uk.mymaindomain.co.uk

Is it a cname that i need?

1 Answer

Hey friend,

For the CNAME, try entering just the name by itself. So if you want:

sub.domain.com > CNAME > domain.com

Put "sub" as the name for the CNAME record.


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