DNS: MX record input fields

January 25, 2013 5.5k views
Hi all, I'm trying to set an mx record in my dns area, and so i need to in put the hostname: mydomain.com priority: 10 but then there is no field to input the data, ie the address my email should go to? do i put that in one of the other two fields? which one? am I totally confused?? Thanks.
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Update: Sorry i didn't mention I'm using outlook.com to host email for the domain, the same way it's possible to do with gmail. And also I'll be hosting multiple domains on a droplet.
So how do i create an mx record that says:
email to mydomain1.com -> pass to outlook.com -> priority 10
if there are only two fields: hostname and priority :s

Thanks again!
Update 2: Ok I worked this out with help from the kind people in the chat! I realized i don't need the name field to add the domain name to since the mx record is already attached to the domain... duh.
so do you just leave it blank?
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