DNS Record not updated or changing ? How long it will take to effect

January 6, 2018 4.1k views
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I have a website running on one droplet and my domain settings was on Digital Ocean DNS and its all working fine. I made a new website on different droplet machine. I have changed A record of my website to this new IP of droplet machine but it takes more than 48 hours, but still it points out to my old droplet machine IP...

I don't understand what was an issue ? Usually DNS update records at 12 hrs maximum as its already have name servers of digital ocean just change the droplet machine IP but it didn't happen

7 Answers

Our nameservers are set up with a very low TTL so DNS changes should be nearly instant. If you can share the domain name you're having trouble with I'd be happy to take a closer look.

I has the same problem, please can you help me?

same with me hifebriansyah.com i changed from to, but some how it still stuck at until this time..

Same problem, I even delete the Networking and it is still redirecting to a shared server I register at A record

I'm having some issues myself, still showing the godaddy parking page

How much down time did you experience?

Same problem here. It's 4 days already

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