DNS records - what else to configure?

November 6, 2018 513 views
DNS Ubuntu

I just wanted to know if there is anymore to configure in my DNS record apart from what I have done here:

MX mail.mydomain.com mail.mydomain.com 10

A www.mydomain.com 139.xxx.xxx.xxx

NS mydomain.com ns3.digitalocean.com

NS mydomain.com ns1.digitalocean.com

NS mydomain.com ns2.digitalocean.com

  1. At goDaddy, I have configured the nameserver to:


The reason I am asking this because this doc (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/dns-tips-and-tricks ) is too general for me and lack of examples.

Thanks, please provide clarification


1 Answer

Hey friend!

This is somewhat relative to your setup, but I would recommend adding one more A record for your domain, without the www. That way your site works both with and without www.


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