DNS server address "example .com" can not be found

May 2, 2018 570 views

why There is always an error “dns server address not found” when accessed via Chrome or default browser, but sometimes also normal by itself, but not last long will repeat the mistake, what should I do?

2 Answers

If you can share the domain you’re having this problem with we can take a look at the public DNS records and help you to troubleshoot. The more information you can provide about the issue, the better we’ll be able to assist.

If Chrome is reporting DNS server address not found there is a good chance that the issue you are seeing is with your ISPs DNS servers but it is also possible that a configuration issue with your domain is the source of the problem. Without knowing the domain we’re not able to check if we are seeing the same issue from different ISP networks.

my domain nyobamp3.xyz, dns error also detected in Google webmaster Tools and web browser, I also sometimes can not access nyobamp3.xyz/cpanel

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