DNS Set Upadvice Please

September 22, 2017 710 views
DNS Ubuntu 16.04

Another beginner question..

I want to set up dns correctly - can someone advise if this is correct please?

add the three ns.names to namecheap

Then what?

Do I add A record in namecheap or on digital ocean dns area?
same with Cname - on namecheap or on here Digital ocean.

If someone could advise exactly what i need to add and where then that would be a big help.

My site will be using https lets encrypt and just a wordpress blog if that helps.

And what if I want to use cloudflare?

Thanks in advance.


1 Answer

My account hasn’t been confirmed yet, so I don’t know anything about the DO DNS ‘area’.
If you have a static IP set for your site, you can use that in namecheap as your A or AAAA record. Use www.<yoursite>.com for the CNAME, along with the same IP you used for your A or AAAA record.
Hope this helps!

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