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April 1, 2014 4.5k views
I have a VPS at Digital Ocean, where I have installed Zpanel. For I register my domain in need http://registro.br have namesesver with 2 different IPS. When I create a domain in the NS1 and NS2 zpanel have the same IP. I have to use the NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, NS2.DIGITALOCEAN.COM in Zpanel? I would like to manage everything by Zpanel.
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I hope this link will be of much help to you:

As that article states for "Branded" nameservers you'll need to have two servers running because you'll have to have 2 nameservers so you have a fallback server.

You will have to go to your domain name provider and provide the "Glue" which points to your own DNS servers that you're running, rather than pointing at DO's.
by Pablo Carranza
Learn how to create vanity or branded nameservers with your Droplets.
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