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Building on DigitalOcean

We just deployed our site to production using DO Apps. We have a django app, I have followed is instructions and added the DO App link there and correctly added the CNAME record at Namecheap. The website is only accessible if I click the link. It is not available in incognito mode.

The error message in incognito mode is.


Any idea why this is happening?

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DNS changes can take some time to propagate, and negative hits can be cached. While the cache time for an NXDOMAIN can very, the cached record will generally expire after 30m. If this is still giving you trouble after 1 hour, please contact support and include the domain and app you’re having trouble with.

Sent a support request but I think due to the holidays the response will be slow.

It’s been more than 10 hours. The platform is stable at but when users type I still see this error.


  • Hello,

    Can you check now and keep us posted.

    Sri Charan

    • Hi Sri,

      Thank you for checking this out but the issue remains the same.

      The site is working at

      But it’s not working if i type the

      • Hello,

        We understand that you are trying to load your App with the Domain and not the sub domain.

        You can point the domain CNAME record to “app’s URL” (please note all DNS service provider doesn’t support CNAME flattening so might have to change the DNS service provider) and if this does not work you will have to point the Domain’s nameserver to DigitalOcean’s nameservers and manage the DNS records with us as we support the Cname flattening.

        Hope this helps!

        Sri Charan


So Namecheap does provide the Cname flattening via adding alias name. I tried adding the alias name and the error at my root domain ( changed.


What’s the reason for this and how can I resolve this issue?

In the second scenario, If I use the digital ocean DNS record service does that mean the Cname and other TXT record has to be moved to DO also? I really don’t want to do that since we are running our email service via those records and some other stuff.

Really sorry for the issue! Can you once open the support ticket, where we can check the settings and dig in more, with all the account details.

Sri Charan

I have the same problem. Any news on this? If it helps, my domain registrar is also namecheap.